Undergoing Surgery and Recovery

If you’re awaiting surgery for pancreatic cancer – such as a Whipple’s procedure or pancreatectomy – you may feel worried about what lies ahead, and it’s likely you’ll have questions.

  • What does the surgery involve?
  • How long will I be in hospital?
  • Is there anything I can do to prepare?

If you’re recovering from surgery, you may also have things you’d like to discuss.

  • What kind of follow-up care can I expect in the coming weeks and months?
  • When will things get back to normal?
  • Should I be concerned about changes to my digestion?

Our Undergoing Surgery and Recovery sessions are run by one of our specialist nurses. They’re a chance to ask questions, get support, and connect with a small group of other people going through surgery in a friendly and informal setting.

Who is this session for?

This session is for people with operable pancreatic cancer who are awaiting, or recovering from, surgery, and their loved ones.

If you’re a healthcare professional, please check out our dedicated support for you.

Can I come to more than one?

Each Undergoing Surgery and Recovery session will cover the same content, but you’re welcome to come to as many as you’d find helpful.

Upcoming dates

Thursday 5th August, 1.30pm – 3pm, hosted by specialist nurse Di Dobson. This session offers a chance to hear from one of our Side by Side volunteers about their experience of pancreatic surgery.


People who joined us have said:

“I was very hesitant in joining this Zoom meeting, but was SO glad I did. It was conducted in such a helpful, relaxed way, with no pressure at all to contribute. So glad I plucked up the courage to be part of the session. Thank you so much.” – Anonymous attendee

I find it beneficial listening to other patients' stories and interacting with other patients.

Lizz from Southampton

“The sessions are great. They’re sensitively and expertly run with absolutely no pressure to participate if you’re not comfortable to do so. If you wish to ask questions or comment, the opportunity is readily given.” – Anonymous attendee

Side by Side

If you’re awaiting surgeryor if you’re recovering from a procedure, our Side by Side telephone service can connect you with someone who has had pancreatic surgery, too.

Our trained volunteers are there to offer confidential support, answer questions and share their own experiences.

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