1. What to expect from your pancreatic cancer care: Assessment and treatment by a specialist team

We explain the care you should expect and receive while being diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer.

Specialist teams and centres

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your case should be reviewed by a specialist pancreatic Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) at a specialist centre. There are specialist centres across the UK. Hospitals in the region work with the specialist centre to make sure people get the best treatment.

The MDT is the team of medical professionals responsible for your treatment and care. They will agree the best treatment and care for you, and should take your wishes into account. You may not need to go to the specialist centre or meet the members of the MDT. You may be treated in your hospital’s local cancer unit, but your doctor should tell you what the MDT has decided.

Clinical nurse specialists

You should have access to a named clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or another health professional (sometimes called a keyworker) who will coordinate your care, including across different hospitals. They will be your main contact and may be the person that you speak to most. You can contact them with any questions.

Updated August 2020

Review Date March 2024