2. What to expect from your pancreatic cancer care: A clear explanation of your diagnosis and treatment options

We explain the care you should expect and receive while being diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer.

Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

You should be told that you have pancreatic cancer in a sensitive way. The diagnosis should be given in a face to face meeting in a quiet, private room. You should be able to have your family or friends with you at the meeting, if you want them there. You should have enough time to ask any questions you may have.

Speak to our nurses

If you have any questions about your diagnosis you can speak to our specialist nurses on our Support Line.

Speak to our nurses
Specialist nurse Nicci

Information about pancreatic cancer

You should be given high quality information that you can understand, in a format that meets your needs. This may include written as well as verbal information.

The information should cover:

Our information

Our free information covers everything about pancreatic cancer to help you understand your diagnosis, ask questions, make decisions and live as well as you can.

We also have easy read booklets using simple words and pictures for people who struggle with written information. And some information is available in large print, audio, braille, and video format.

Information about pancreatic cancer

Updated August 2020

Review Date March 2024