5. Information and support for families

We explain the support your family should get while you are being diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer.

Support for family members

If you wish, your family should be given information about your pancreatic cancer, treatment options and side effects, and they can be involved in discussions about your treatment and care. Your family should only be involved in discussions about your care if you want them to be.

Your family should be given access to emotional and practical support. This should include counselling and information about support organisations, such as Carers UK and Carers Trust. Your family may also be eligible for financial support, if caring responsibilities mean they are unable to work or can only work part-time.

Information for families

We have more information for families in our booklet, Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: Information for families and carers.

Download or order our booklet
An image of the front cover of Pancreatic Cancer UK's booklet, Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: information for families and carers

Speak to our nurses

Your family can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line with any questions about your cancer, and to get support for themselves.

Speak to our nurses
Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Jeni Jones

Updated August 2020

Review Date March 2024