Coping with chemotherapy

Having pancreatic cancer and chemotherapy can affect you emotionally, and you will probably have lots of different feelings and worries.

People find different ways to cope, and there is support available. Read our information on coping with pancreatic cancer to find out more.

Talking to others affected by pancreatic cancer may also help. We have an online discussion forum for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer. And we run Living with Pancreatic Cancer Support Sessions where you can meet other people affected by pancreatic cancer and get support.

‘’The support nurses at Pancreatic Cancer UK and the discussion forum were my main source of support. It felt important to me to be able to talk to people who knew exactly what we were going through.’’

Complementary therapies

Some people find that complementary therapies help them cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. Complementary therapies work alongside your medical treatments and include massage, relaxation therapies, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

It is important to always tell your oncologist before you start a complementary therapy, as some may affect your cancer treatment. And always tell your complementary therapist about your cancer treatment.

Updated August 2019

Review date August 2021