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Demand Faster Treatment

Demand Faster Treatment

Thanks to your incredible support we reached 100,600 signatures!

The petition and public campaign for Demand Faster Treatment has now ended, but our policy and campaigns team are continuing to work with Governments across the UK and clinicians to argue for and develop ways to develop faster treatment for pancreatic cancer.

We presented the petition to No.10 Downing Street on the 4th March, and to all the devolved governments across the UK. See some photos and read our blogs about handing the petition into No.10, to the Scottish Parliament, to the National Assembly in Wales, and to Stormont in Northern Ireland.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. It is often diagnosed late, and progresses quickly. 3 in 4 people do not survive a year after diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer treatment can’t wait. That's why we are demanding that pancreatic cancer patients receive faster treatment, within 20 days from diagnosis.

Erika's story

Many people who joined us in supporting this campaign will have followed Erika Vincent's story. She was so brave in championing our Demand Faster Treatment campaign, but very sadly, Erika passed away just before the campaign ended and never got to see us reach the milestone of 100,000 signatures that she was so hoping for. 

All of our thoughts are with her loved ones at this extremely difficult time. Her family still stand behind the campaign and want her story, which you can find below, to be shared.

When Erika Vincent was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was given four months to live. So she expected that her cancer would be treated as an emergency, and that she’d be given treatment fast.

But it didn’t happen. Her words here are very powerful

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Like many people in a similar position, Erika had to wait to receive treatment - even though pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. Three in four people who are diagnosed don’t survive more than a year. Rapid access to treatment is vital. And yet out of every 10 people diagnosed, 7 receive no active treatment. This means they don’t get a chance to fight the disease and live longer.

Delaying treatment also runs the risk of the cancer spreading, making people ineligible for potentially life-saving treatment.

To improve their chances of survival, we want people like Erika to receive treatment within 20 days of diagnosis.

Let's make change happen

We can turn things around for people like Erika. 

75% of people with the disease die within a year of being diagnosed. Yet the average for the 20 common cancers is much less – 30%. To save lives, health ministers need to view pancreatic cancer as an urgent case. That's why our petition is calling on UK Governments to treat pancreatic cancer as a cancer emergency, and to make sure that people with the disease receive treatment within 20 days of diagnosis. 

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Policy and evidence

The dedication of people treating people with pancreatic cancer across the UK is amazing. It is thanks to them that we know it is possible to treat pancreatic cancer faster. We know it is possible get more people into treatment, giving more people the chance to survive and for longer - and more time spent with loved ones.

And there are other benefits beyond saving lives. Where fast-track treatment has been implemented, unpleasant and potentially dangerous options can be avoided, improving the care that patients receive.

It also reduces the cost of treatment, saving money for the NHS which can be spent on further improving care.

How you can help even more

The petition is closed but you can still use the hashtag #demandfastertreatment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together we can make it the most successful pancreatic cancer campaign we've ever done.

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