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Just diagnosed

If you have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, or someone close to you has, you will probably have lots of questions. We have plenty of information about what to expect. You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free and confidential Support Line about any questions.

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Everyone reacts differently to being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There is no ‘right’ way to feel. It’s ok to be upset, angry, and to cry, shout or swear. If you have been unwell for some time, you may even feel a bit relieved that at least now you know what is wrong with you.

It can take time to come to terms with your diagnosis. You might find you have good and bad days. You will probably go through a range of emotions, from feeling positive and determined to get well again, to feeling low or worried about the future. There is support available to help you deal with pancreatic cancer – read more here.

Our booklet, Pancreatic cancer: An overview of diagnosis and treatment, is for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and their family and friends. It gives an introduction to pancreatic cancer and explains your diagnosis, and treatment options. It also has information about coping with pancreatic cancer, and the support available.

What support is available?

How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed and what do my test results mean?

Being referred to a Specialist centre

What are my treatment options?

How can pancreatic cancer affect diet and nutrition?

Managing symptoms and side effects 

Coping with pancreatic cancer 

Practical Issues

Dowload our booklet, Pancreatic Cancer: An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment

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